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Student Spotlight: Alexandra Zeringue

​By: Kasey LeBlanc

What made you realize you wanted to be Biology major?
When I was in high school, science was the most interesting to me and then I realized growing up when I was caring for sick grandparents that I wanted to do something in medicine. I knew science and biology was the route for me.

What is your favorite component of Biology?
I enjoy physiology. I like knowing how everything works.

What do you see yourself doing 5 years from now?
Hopefully in a residency after medical school while training in whatever specialty I fall in love with - hopefully surgery.

What is your fondest memory at UL?
Probably meeting up with friends even during the stressful finals week have been good.

Do you have any favorite spots on campus to hang out at?
The biology study room because everyone goes there to hang out or the swamp.

How have the services of STEP help you throughout college?
It’s helped me a lot. It’s a lot of printing and last minute things I needed in the morning. It’s been a blessing because I’ve stressed a lot about getting something done and it’s been there the morning of or the day before.

Did you ever imagine yourself as President of the Pre-Professional Society?
I did not. I came onto the PPS board my junior year and that year the majority of the board left and graduated so it was almost a whole new board. I got to know the ropes. I fell in love with it immediately. They approached me about becoming president the following year and I jumped on it because I was ecstatic I had the opportunity.

What are the main goals PPS strives for?
We strive to, of course, help all those who are interested in getting a career in medicine and to educate them on what they need to do to get in the schools of choice or what’s to be expected of them when they get there. We also strive to help out in the community. We fundraise for anything from the Community Healthcare Clinic to St. Jude to the American Heart Association. Philanthropy is a big chunk of it and also educating members on what they need to do to further their life goals.

What’s the main difference between PPS and the Biology society?
I think mainly the Biology society is a fun group of people that are on fire about Biology, so they camp out and go on hikes. It’s more of the outdoorsy environmental biology versus us who are centered more on medicine. We bring in deans of Medical schools. Our group activities are things like volunteering at the MDA walk.

Do you have any advice for other students majoring in Biology?
Study hard but still enjoy yourself. Sometimes you have to say no to a lot of things to keep the grades but it’s definitely worth it. In the long run it all pays off and definitely meet people to connect or network with other Biology majors because that makes a huge difference.