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STEP labs are common areas where students can go to research information, write papers, and print documents using STEP computers. There are a total of seven locations throughout campus listed in the "By Building" tab.

In order to keep our labs up to par and to maintain their most efficient usage, the following policies have been put in place:

Official STEP Lab Policies

  • No chewing tobacco
  • Please do not disconnect peripherals
  • Must be properly logged on with a UCS account
  • Must properly log off system before leaving lab
  • Must have current UL ID to pick up printouts
  • Printouts kept 2 days
  • No account sharing
  • Keep voices down, use headphones.
  • No offensive or pornographic materials viewed or printed
  • Dispose of unwanted paper in recycle bin
  • No use or installation of unapproved software on computer systems
  • Do not change system configurations
  • No destruction of property
  • Keep work area neat and clean, free of trash and excess printouts
  • Push chairs in when finished