STEP Emergency Action Plan - Grant Cycle.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the STEP Council approved the passage and implementation of the STEP Emergency Action Plan.

The STEP manager has initiated another emergency STEP grant cycle for the fall semester

STEP Grant Cycle Fall 2020:

UPDATE: Deadline will be extended to Tuesday, October 13th by 5pm due to Hurricane Delta

October 5-13: Accepting new grants (please follow the process listed here )

*Grants submitted for the Summer 2020 grant cycle will automatically be added to this cycle. If you would like to replace the listed grant please email listing the grant to be removed and attach the grant to be added.

October 12-30: STEP Council will review and grade

November 9-13 (Tentative): Award letter to PI's

All types of grant requests will be accepted; however, the STEP Council will award higher “grades” for grants that address the two primary initiatives of the STEP Emergency Action Plan:

Initiative 1 – Open-Use and Instructional Laboratory Virtualization

Ensure that students have access to software titles necessary for completion of course work when campus access is limited. Create a virtual environment that replicates the services provided by an open-use laboratory or a departmental instructional laboratory.

Initiative 2 – Enhance remote delivery of instruction and learning

Define standards for a remote delivery add-on to SMART classrooms and identify current SMART classrooms where the add-on will serve the maximum number of students.

All current SMART classrooms will receive the upgrade:

Please send all questions to