STEP Emergency Action Plan - Grant Cycle.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the STEP Council approved the passage and implementation of the STEP Emergency Action Plan.

The STEP manager has initiated an emergency STEP grant cycle for the dates July 15 – August 14, 2020

Tentative schedule

July 15 – 22 > STEP grant submissions will be accepted; send to

July 23 – 31 > STEP Council will grade submitted grants; Technical Advisory Council (TAC) will review awarded grants

August 14 > Award Letters will go out to principal investigators (PIs)

All types of grant requests will be accepted; however, the STEP Council will award higher “grades” for grants that address the two primary initiatives of the STEP Emergency Action Plan:

Initiative 1 – Open-Use and Instructional Laboratory Virtualization

Ensure that students have access to software titles necessary for completion of course work when campus access is limited. Create a virtual environment that replicates the services provided by an open-use laboratory or a departmental instructional laboratory.

Initiative 2 – Enhance remote delivery of instruction and learning

Define standards for a remote delivery add-on to SMART classrooms and identify current SMART classrooms where the add-on will serve the maximum number of students.

*We are working on a standard remote instruction/learning package for all STEP SMART classrooms. Details will be posted soon.

All current SMART classrooms will receive the upgrade:

Please send all questions to