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About STEP

The Student Technology Enhancement Program, or STEP maintains an abundance of valuable technological resources for the benefit of students. STEP maintains SMART classrooms and open-use labs throughout campus along with the accompanying software. STEP funds grants in order to keep this campus technologically updated and efficient. The Office of STEP Support (OSS) offers grant proposal assistance that includes proofreading, checking for correct formatting, and assuring that grant qualifications are met. STEP grants provide current and sophisticated technology for students to utilize. OSS is also responsible for the management of digital signage throughout campus.

Focused on obtaining student-centric opportunities to constantly enhance the quality of technology on campus, OSS strives to produce the most innovative and proficient ways of using technology to increase a student’s educational experience. A permanent goal of OSS is to keep students satisfied in the technological realm. OSS is compiled of staff and student workers who are ambitious and willing to respond to the needs and wants of students. The diversity of this team creates a concrete foundation to allow for the brainstorming of advanced ideas and opportunities. OSS thrives on teamwork and collaborative efforts throughout the office, utilizing every skill and resource available. With an optimistic and focused team of students, the future is bright for STEP and the students at University.