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Digital Signage

Executive Summary
University Computing Support Services (UCSS) created a digital signage program from an open-source product that connected 38 signs across campus.  The Office of STEP Support (OSS) is currently working on a proof of concept (POC) for the management of these digital signs and the programming needed to manage content.
"Digital signage" is another name for an electronic, flat-panel screen. LCD screens are now a valuable asset in interweaving advertising and distributing valued information in areas of dense population.  Digital signs are now making their way onto strategic campus locations--the cafeteria, the student union and the campus coffee shop. A digital sign can deliver any message, keeping students informed and up to date, from serving as an Emergency Notification System to promotions on food and housing, job listings, and announcements from campus organizations. 
Business Description
University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Office of STEP Support(OSS) proposes to use this dynamic digital space in order to offer a service that is missing on campus.  Digital signage is the evolution of advertising solutions providing the most effective medium to more effectively spread a large variety of information to an even larger population.  A major strength of digital signage is that it gives us full control of how the information is displayed. Not just within the formatting and structural layout but also in the variability of formats that can run simultaneously: static, dynamic, video, and banner. This functionality allows us to maximize the amount of information that is being shared, depending on how we choose to organize it
Distribution of Responsibilities of the Digital Signage System
• OSS:  management:  maintenance, installation, upkeep, and auditing in order to provide continual service level improvement as outlined in the stages of effective ITIL practices. 
• Marketing and Communications:  content creation and content review for university-wide content
• Service Desk/UCSS:  system administration, technical implementation, and network functions
• Student Union and Housing: content management for their own events and area
• Departments:  content generation and submission; manage departmental "feeds"
• Career Services:  job listings
Digital Signage Governance
Content displayed must adhere to the university requirements as stipulated within the universities outlined policies and procedures. Upon completion of the first year of the digital signage project, OSS will perform a full audit of the service. The audit will function as a component of the continual service improvement stage as outlined within ITIL practices and OSS will make the necessary updates.
Market Strategies
The digital signage program will be a service offered to registered student organizations and UL departments.  This method of promotion is cost effective, sustainable, and an effective way to spread the word about your organization or event with monitors strategically placed throughout campus, maximizing visibility.
Additional Services 
The digital signage program is designed to display content that is relevant to students on our campus.  OSS strives to meet the expectation of every student and will investigate requests that are not a part of the current service delivered.

Submission Process Overview
1. Student groups, departments can create their own slide presentations to promote their events or groups.  Faculty/Staff must request access to a departmental “feed”.
2. Once accepted, the text and images of each presentation are uploaded into software, entered into programming schedules and broadcast on the screens.
3. Scheduling software feeds data to digital signs, and ensures that messages are "looped" to replay as often as desired.

If you are interested in utilizing the Digital Signage program, please contact