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Campus Wi-Fi Satisfaction Survey

by Sloane LaBiche

The Office of Step Support set out to get an accurate review of the university’s Wi-Fi quality with a survey presented to students across campus over a period of two weeks. Here are the results:

Of the 151 students who completed the survey, more than three quarters were between ages 18 and 22 years old. We surveyed students from all colleges on campus. Most of the students surveyed do not live on campus with only 32% living in the dorms. Of all the students, 25% spend time in the library and in the dorms and the remaining 22% spend time in departmental buildings.

The Wi-Fi success rate encompasses the total time spent on campus with 57 students expressing neutrality, 46 are dissatisfied with the W-Fi, 41 students are okay with it, and only 6 students are pleased with their Wi-Fi experiences. Students also rated the Wi-Fi quality outside with 62 students expressing neutrality, 53 are dissatisfied with their W-Fi experience, 33 students are okay with it, and only 2 students are pleased with the Wi-Fi.

49 of the students surveyed live on campus and of these 49: 14 students live in Coronna Hall, 10 students live in Bonin Hall, 9 live in Legacy Park, 8 live in the Conference Center, and 1 student lives in Huger Hall. These 49 students were primarily dissatisfied with the Wi-Fi available to them in their dorms as 31 students were displeased with the Wi-Fi quality, 10 students are neutral, and 8 students are pleased.

It is safe to conclude based on the data from these surveys that the overall quality of our campus’s Wi-Fi should be improved. Wi-Fi accessibility should be especially improved in the dorms, for the walking and sitting areas outside departmental buildings, and at on-campus restaurants.